This article will talk about the golden mean (ratio or section) and how it is used in conjunction with feng shui to improve residences.

The ancient Greek mystic, scientist, mathematician, and philosopher Pythagoras was an ardent proponent of the golden mean. He was sure that the harmony in nature can be quantified or expressed through ratios and numbers. He also was sure that these ratios can be utilized in architecture and home design. According to the theory of proportion of Pythagoras, energy can be “moved” in the house from where it poorly serves to where it will begin serving favorably.

He postulated certain proportional connections that he deemed were ideal. He called it the Golden mean/ rectangle/proportion/ratio. The value of the Golden mean is 1:1.618. This number occurs everywhere in nature. An animal shell is one example. Each part of the shell is similar to the other parts by form. The parts have the same proportion, although each of them differs in size.

The golden ratio also appears in the human body. Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting of the Vitruvian Man is associated with the ratio of the human body, which can be gleaned in different geometric figures. This is a prime example of the golden ratio.

The Golden mean can be used a tool, especially in a home to modify its effect on people dwelling in that area. To use this number for a room, measure the room’s width and multiply it by 1.618. You’ll obtain the appropriate dimension for this area. For instance, if the room’s width is 40 feet, multiply the 40 by 1.618 and you’ll get 64.72 feet for the proper length of this room. You’re not required to adhere to the number to the centimeter – approximately following it will be okay.

The golden mean theory can be applied in a one-room studio apartment that has a bedroom, office, and kitchen, all in one room. Apartments usually have very poor feng shui.  However, if you just follow the basic concepts of space organization and make the required modifications, you’ll manage to enhance everything. An apartment studio can contain several golden rectangles, when divided, where each part is proportional.

If the apartment is shaped like a narrow and long space, you can use furniture and flowers to divide the room. You can bring in items that relate to the golden mean by their dimensions, such as aquariums, coffee tables, painting, or mirrors if you aren’t too keen in dividing the room this way. The same principles can be applied for garden landscaping design. Feng shui and the golden mean can be used to improve offices, gardens, homes, and any other area.

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