An unhealthy lifestyle as well as poor nutrition can cause the weakening of the immune system.  Poor sleeping and eating habits, smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse among other factors can compromise immune functions and make the body susceptible to diseases and illnesses.  When conventional modalities are incapable of restoring one’s health, one can avail of the wonderful benefits of acupuncture especially as a way to boost the immune system and make it working in optimal mode once again.

Acupuncture has benefited the Chinese for thousands of years as a potent treatment for several of their ailments.  Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine whose working philosophy is premised on the principle that the body possesses a network or pathways of energy where chi or vital energy travels; a blockage in the meridians causes illness and pain. Meridians connect to all body parts from the bones to the major organs and also to the emotional and mental aspects of the individual.

To unblock the energy pathways acupuncture is applied to the affected meridians.  The needles used are hair thin stainless steel needles inserted into specific skin sites called acupoints. A new acupuncture technique called electromagnetic wave therapy uses a gadget, which transports electromagnetic pulses on acupoints located on the palms, wrist and hand.  This type of acupuncture is non-invasive and, like acupuncture utilizing needles, ably improves immune functions and helps in the treatment of ailments and diseases.

Viruses and bacteria are just some of the culprits causing illnesses.  Some other notable causes are fatigue, anxiety, depression and stress.  When the body is tired and weary, energy blockages start to develop compromising one’s immunity and the body’s strength to resist viruses and bacteria.

Electromagnetic wave therapy is used on the hand and wrist to stimulate biochemical processes that enable the body to resolve its energy imbalances.  The impulses generated by electromagnetic wave therapy is received by the acupoint and travels in the meridians up to the energy blockage where then the blockage is removed by the impulses.  Energy, blood, white blood cells, antibodies and all vital nutrients are then free to travel and nourish the areas affected.  The result will be a healthier immune system capable of warding off illnesses and diseases efficiently.

Electromagnetic wave therapy can be used as a supplement to mainstream western medicine modalities.  It is a needle less therapy therefore painless and is handily utilized for the prevention or recurrence of sicknesses.  This therapy is very appealing for all people since it works the same as acupuncture using electromagnetic energy to heal the body but it is a more painless approach to health compared to traditional acupuncture.  Boosting the immune system this way makes health maintenance a lot more fun and less painful.