People who are overweight are oftentimes anxious of what weight loss treatment they are supposed to avail.  Many are so desperate that they will try out anything just to go back to the normal weight they used to have.  The conventional and often advertised weight loss programs which they have tried have been all flops and many of them are into alternative therapies that are not as popular or as advertised as the ones they have first tried out.  Ear stapling for weight loss is one of the more interesting therapies in the battle to lose weight.

For many who are just starting to look into different kinds of weight loss programs, the important thing to do first and foremost is to study the weight loss programs you think will be good and effective for you.  It is also good advice to talk to those people who have tried those programs and get to know the see the pros and cons of each treatment from them.

Ear stapling to lose weight is an offshoot of the ancient Chinese healing art of acupuncture.  It is Overland Park acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine that have established the principles behind the philosophy of ear stapling to reduce weight.  Acupuncture has been around for millennia and is officially considered as a viable and effective treatment for over 40 kinds of health conditions including excess weight and obesity by the World Health Organization.  This official endorsement has made acupuncture more attractive to the Western world.  Presently, acupuncture is popularly used in the treatment of heart problems sleeplessness indigestion insomnia and stress among others.

Ear stapling for losing weight as with acupuncture is considered quackery by some sectors in the medical field usually those in the pay list and beck and call of the pharmaceutical companies.  Regardless of their opinions, the practitioners of this treatment have proven it works time and time again.  They staple the part of the ear where nerve endings that help stimulate beneficial physiological effects that help the body lessen calorie intake and burn calories much faster.

Ear stapling makes the patient less stressful as it causes a feeling of comfort and relaxation to the body; when stress is minimized, so too is the desire to crave more food.  Appetite is also lessened and even helps in curbing the desire to smoke for those addicted to cigarette smoking.

The negative effect of ear stapling is its chance to cause infection, which is also the same risk as when someone undergoes tongue, belly button, nose and stomach piercing.  Therefore, it highly advised that the practitioner you select practices very strict sanitary and hygienic procedures.  Also, since an acupuncturist primarily does perform this procedure, choose an acupuncturist who is licensed, qualified and well trained and who has extensive experience with ear stapling procedures.