Acupuncture practitioners are sometimes asked if the treatment can help cure blood problems such as anemia. Some patients who are not familiar with Chinese medicine are pleasantly surprised to know that Chinese herbs and acupuncture have been used for ages (4000 years, to be precise) to resolve anemia symptoms such as pale complexion, weakness, and tiredness. The fact is, anemia is considered a blood disorder that is commonly treated by current western conventional medicine and if extreme, can result in shortness of breath and palpitations.

From results of current clinical studies, it’s been shown that acupuncture therapies help boost serum ferratin and lessen TIBC (Total Iron Binding Capacity). The latter is utilized for the measurement of how the body is able to bind iron in the blood.

The studies used a method in which just a single acupoint called “three leg mile” (zu san li) was used. When stimulated in the proper manner, this point is known to give strength to the body in such a way that the person can walk an extra three miles after having walked the whole day. The zu san li acupoint is known to enhance the function of the spleen.

The stomach takes in food while the spleen processes it. This is the belief held by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Specific acupoints are stimulated resulting in the improvement of iron and nutrient absorption. The zu san li point can also treat anemia related symptoms like shortness of breath, fatigue, palpitations, tiredness and paleness.

Obviously, the patient’s diet also needs to be considered. Acupuncture can spur the improvement of digestion and absorption of the food you consume.

Acupuncturists just do not put in needles anywhere in the body without a reason. Certain anatomical regions and pressure areas exist in which the acupuncturist is trained to locate prior to the needle insertion procedure. What kind of effect the acupuncturist requires will determine the type of needles used.

The acupuncturist may utilize certain stimulation techniques in which a needle may be twisted in certain directions or moved up and down a few times once the needle is inserted,.

The studies mentioned a while ago used a lift and thrust technique to activate the chi or vital energy of the acupoint to boost its strengthening ability. Iron supplements taken by a lot of patients with anemia tend to make them constipated. Besides that, the underlying reason of the anemia has to be addressed for the patient to restore balance and health.

For anemia sufferers Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture are ideal treatments for the symptoms of anemia and to enhance the absorption of nutrients.