Being a drug addict can lead to a lot of problems in all aspects of life. It affects his family, his relationship, his work or school, his friends, and his physical, emotional and psychological health as well as lead to legal and financial problems. Here are just some of the ramifications of drug addiction:

Health – Being addicted to a certain drug, illegal or prescribed can have negative consequences to your health. Drug addiction can lead to health problems like tuberculosis, AIDS or HIV, influenza, coma, cardiac arrest, depression, anxiety, insomnia and death to mention just a few.

Accidents – Drug addicts are a danger to themselves and to anyone else especially when they’re driving. They tend to stumble and fall when they walk.

Suicide – Some people who want to stop taking drugs or feel so depressed even when they are taking stimulants or “uppers” and may think that the only way to stop their problem is by overdosing themselves to death with drugs.

Relationship problems – Drug addiction abets family and relationship breakups, estrangement with children, other family members and even friends.

Social stigma – Addicts are tended to be shunned by society in general because of the many negative connotations that come with drug addiction. People tend to view drug addicts as prone to stealing and doing undesirable things like prostituting themselves just to feed their addiction.

Child abuse or neglect – Drug addict parents tend to neglect their responsibilities as parents and will not give the time and concern they should give their children as parents.

Poverty – Because a major part of their income is in buying drugs, drug addicts often have no money or are unemployed because of their poor work performance and their overall undesirability. Because they are not trusted and thought of as likely to steal, they might even be shunned by friends or family members from living in their home.

Legal problems – Drug addicts are likely to be incarcerated because of drug use and possession.

Steven Goldfarb is a licensed acupuncturist in West Orange, NJ with advanced training in modern acupuncture techniques and traditional Asian therapies.