Chronic back pain can be a debilitating disorder.  Besides, those frequent visitations to specialists, undergoing pricey rehabs and ingesting medications all done while in pain are unpleasant realities patients have to deal with regularly.  Well, a better and more superior alternative for the relief and treatment of back pain is available and it is none other than acupuncture.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) of which acupuncture is a part of, utilizes the human body’s physiology and pathology.  TCM has an entirely different viewpoint of physiology and pathology and has a very different perspective of disease than western medicine’s viewpoint.

The organs of the body have their own unique functions although they all work in harmony.  When these functions are thrown into disarray, illnesses and disorders start to manifest.  When a change in the environment happens, TCM believes that related changes happen to the harmony in the body as well.  According to TCM, the organs of the body interact with one another in relation to the environment.  Upon consultation, the acupuncturist observes the patient’s symptoms and by means of these symptoms, the acupuncturist can come up with an accurate diagnosis.  TCM has a different way of diagnosing health disorders than western medicine.  For example, dampness causes prostate disorders and therefore to cure the prostate problem, take away the root problem, which in this case is dampness.  Usually the Bellingham acupuncturist would look at the existence of the imbalances of these factors in the body:  yin-yang (excess or lack), exterior or interior cold or heat.

Herbs are often used in combination with acupuncture for a whole gamut of ailments.  There are over half a million herbs most of them in China.  Compared to synthetic drugs, these herbs do not have any side effects and are more potent in treating a sickness compared to medications.

Chronic back pain is usually caused by the body reaction to extreme emotions.  With its financial wherewithal, western medical science and the pharmaceutical industry has still no effective cure for back pain.  Back pain costs the United States around $40 billion in healthcare expenses and lost productivity and is a serious economic and health issue in the US.  Compared to drugs, acupuncture is a more economical form of treatment for back pain, not to mention it giving long-term to permanent relief from pain compared to what western medical science and the pharmaceutical industry offer.  Numerous studies have validated acupuncture as an effective treatment for upper or lower back pain.  For people who have used acupuncture for treatment of pain, they will always opt for acupuncture than any conventional or alternative treatments in the market today because of its natural approach, effectiveness, safety and the benefit of coming out placid, relaxed and feeling pleasant after a treatment.