Some medical scientists think that psoriasis is an inherited condition although a lot of sufferers of this disease are not sure or don’t seem to recall a relative having this condition. Medical scientists are still unable to ascertain the exact reason why psoriasis occurs and thus no real cure for this condition exists.

Psoriasis usually begins when people with an injury such as a burn or cut develop pimples on the injured areas that gradually develop into ugly scales on the skin. Not all people suffering from psoriasis develop the silvery scales that are often associated with the condition.

Dermatological professors at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons state that psoriasis initially starts as a cluster of tiny pimples rather than scaly patches. This development usually occurs when the psoriasis is triggered by a streptococcal infection such as a sore throat.

A severe form of psoriasis may exhibit patches that can run and spread together or manifest as a bumpy and red rash covering the body that runs vertically across the body. Scientists claim that psoriasis does not involve the nervous system which means that acupuncture won’t really be effective in treating this disease. Herbal medicine though, may be of help.

Dong Quay (Angelica sinensis), cayenne, aloe vera, and chamomile have all been known to have a positive effect on the symptoms of this skin disease.

Though no cure for psoriasis exists recent forms of treatment can help lessen the embarrassing and annoying symptoms of this disease. Talk to a dermatologist to see what forms of treatment are apt for your condition.

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