Hypertension is often referred to as high blood pressure. It is a disease that causes a person’s blood pressure to become chronically elevated compared to what is deemed normal. People with high blood pressure who are unable to get it under control have a high risk of a heart attack or stroke. There are prescription medications and certain lifestyle modifications that a sufferer can take advantage of to lower his/her blood pressure. But as with all drugs, prescription medications come with negative side effects. Some people are asking if traditional Chinese medicine has treatments that can address their hypertension. The answer to that is yes, it has.


Acupuncture is very much connected to hypertension and traditional Chinese medicine. It is a medical intervention that involves the insertion of extremely thin needles into specific points on the skin. It is known to help lower blood pressure and treat other medical ailments through its ability to balance the circulation of chi or energy that is believed to flow through energy channels known as meridians in the body. It is believed that the insertion of the needles will help rebalance a person’s blood and energy flow, that, in turn lowers blood pressure.

Hawthorn Berry

A randomized study conducted in Reading, UK observed the effects of a hawthorn berry supplement on high blood pressure patients. The study showed that the supplement helped significantly reduce the patients’ diastolic blood pressure.

Chrysanthemum Flower Chinese Tea

Besides helping lower blood pressure, this traditional Chinese tea has for centuries been often used by Chinese health practitioners to relieve other conditions, such as sinus congestion and eye irritation. Due to its blood detoxifying properties, Chrysanthemum Flower Chinese Tea is widely used in the East to help treat hypertension. It can be taken as is, or with sugar, honey, or other herbs. To make this tea, boil three tablespoons of dried chrysanthemum flowers in water (90 to 95 degrees Celsius). Cool the tea and drink in a cup.

Factors that Can Lead to Hypertension

Unhealthy Diet and Obesity

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that being obese and/or eating a high-fat diet contributes to hypertension. Therefore, treating obesity and sticking to a healthy diet will result in a lower and healthier blood pressure. This is also supported by Western medicine.

Mental Health

According to traditional Chinese medicine emotions, such as depression and anger can result in hypertension. Coping with all mental health issues and preserving a good mental health can help bring down your blood pressure to normal levels. Practitioners of Chinese medicine believe that heart imbalance and hypertension are connected to despair, lack of vitality, insomnia, restlessness, and lack of enthusiasm. And besides high blood pressure as well as the symptoms it generates, it is believed that people having these emotions may also experience psychological disorders, excessive dreaming, heart palpitations, heart palpitations, poor long-term memory, irregular heartbeat, and insomnia.

Steven Goldfarb, L.Ac. is a board certified and licensed acupuncturist and the founder of Goldfarb Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center in West Orange, NJ.