Allergy especially in the springtime affects roughly a third of US citizens. Typical symptoms of allergy are sneezes, watery eyes, stuffy nose and sniffles to mention a few.

An allergy is the over reaction of the body to perceived harmful substances that in reality are generally harmless to the body.  Most allergy sufferers know only one way of addressing their allergies; over-the-counter or prescription medications.  These medications do not provide long-lasting relief of allergy symptoms and carry with them toxins that cause harmful side effects to the body.  Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the form of acupuncture Edina can provide long-lasting relief from allergy symptoms and without the side effects that come with drugs.  TCM and acupuncture always target the root cause of the health problem together with its symptoms.  Pharmaceutical companies manufacture various types of medication to combat allergy symptoms.  The more popular ones are corticosteroids (for serious allergy cases), decongestants and antihistamines.  All these drugs come with typical side effects such as:

Sleepiness – If you are taking antihistamines for your allergy, the side effect of sleepiness makes it dangerous for that person to run machinery or drive.  If you do these activities daily, then it is best to take the antihistamines at night before sleeping instead to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Nasal sprays (nasal decongestant) when used for more than 3 to 5 days straight can worsen allergic symptoms and inflame the nasal passages.  Oral decongestants have side effects such as insomnia, arrhythmia and high blood pressure.

Increased appetite – Antihistamines can also affect a person’s appetite.  Appetites do increase from regular antihistamine use.  This is good when you desire to gain weight; conversely for the over weight person who wants to shed off unwanted body mass, staying away from antihistamines is advisable.

Depression – This is a very serious side effect since depression can lead to suicidal thoughts.  It is best to stay away from medications that cause you to feel down and sad.

When opting for acupuncture treatment for one’s allergy, be sure to go to a trained, licensed and experienced acupuncturist.  Not only will your treatment be safe and effective, the acupuncturist can accurately diagnose your condition leading to a correct and effective mode of treatment.  Acupuncture does not only help relieve allergy symptoms, it can also help treat the common cold, headaches, arthritis, PMS, extreme stress, back aches, tennis elbow and even cure your jet lag.  Traditional Chinese Medicine in the form of acupuncture is all about balancing the energy level in the body; when energy is balanced, the body is healthy.  It is always best for the patient to inform his/her doctor about going to an acupuncturist. This will enable the doctor to coordinate with the acupuncturist the progress of the patient’s health status.