To those of you who are not aware yet, an acupuncture chart is designed to help an Jacksonville acupuncture practitioners. Acupuncture charts are published as an individual item that deals with acupuncture. There are times that authors may take the time to create extreme details and precise acupuncture charts that actually cover a variety of different topics. On the other hand, stand alone charts tend to be more general in nature. A point to remember though, it is impossible to show all the meridians and points used in acupuncture on a single chart without turning a single chart into a mass of lines and dots.

Acupuncture is one of the single aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM. Every individual’s body is filled with the flow of energy known as chi; this is according to the principles of TCM. When there is a disturbance in the flow of chi or if it out of balance, this would lead to certain health problems. The chi flows along the major lines of the body known as the meridians and each meridian is connected to a particular organ system, family condition or area of the body. a number of key points known as the xuewei are found along the meridians and these points can be manipulated by a practitioner of  Traditional Chinese Medicine to  restore the patient’s chi. In the case of acupuncture, placing the needles carefully into specific points of the body can stimulate the chi.

Along with the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, there are 12 major meridians on the body which acupuncturists believe form in utero and have a profound influence on someone’s body and spirit. In general, acupuncture charts aids in providing views of all the meridians and they may also focus on a particular area of the body such as the ear or leg showing all of the meridians and the acupuncture points in the area. Acupuncture chart may also focus on a specific topic such as diseases described by too much yin or yang. This will show acupuncturists specific points which they could target in an individual treatment. Another thing, acupuncture charts can also cover specific areas like ear or facial acupuncture.

Since approximately the Ming Dynasty, the Chinese have been publishing acupuncture charts. One thing to remember especially now that western medicine has contributed a lot to the change in traditional Chinese medicine, Ming charts are particularly similar to modern acupuncture charts. For centuries, practitioners of TCM have been using the same tool in medical treatment. Basically the acupuncture charts used by an acupuncture practitioner today would be recognizable to acupuncturists of long ago.

Aside from using acupuncture charts, acupuncturists can also use an acupuncture model. An acupuncture model is a doll that shows all the meridians and points of inertest. Modern dolls and charts may use numerous colors to mark out various meridians and xuewei to make them easier to visualize. Acupuncturists can also take advantage of interactive acupuncture charts that run by a software or embedded in websites.