It cannot be denied that despite the technological progress Western medicine has achieved, there are still people who have more faith in Chinese medicines to treat their ailments. Dating as far back as 700 B.C., Chinese medicinal treatments were first developed by the Taoists. These treatments are now known as traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, for short.

A bacterial infection that mainly affects the genital region, Urinary tract infection (UTI), is a disease that frequently recurs. Antibiotics are the most common treatments for this condition. but since frequent use of antibiotics can eventually render these drugs ineffective against the bacteria, it may be helpful to know that TCM can be an effective and safe alternative treatment for UTI.

The Taoists believe that there exists in the Universe a dual force known as “yin” and “yang”. They believe that the universe functions really in a cycle of opposites: to a positive, there is a negative; to light, there is darkness; to good, there is bad; and to heat, there is cold, etc.

The Chinese believe that “yin” represents the dark or shady side; “yang,” on the other hand, represents the brightness, fire, heat, or the sunny side. These are the basic elements in which Chinese medicine works in curing diseases and illnesses such as UTI.

Whereas, Western medicine will use antibiotics to treat UTI, TCM, needs to determine what the yin is in this disease. In UTI, the heat affects the kidney yin of the body.

So, we see here that the patient has not enough kidney yin to offset the heat or yang, which causes the pathogen to thrive. This belief is not far from the theory of Western medicine that believes the heat factor enables the microbes to grow when moisture and heat is trapped in our underwear.

Usually, the doctor will advise their UTI patients to drink plenty of water to keep their kidneys well-hydrated. TCM practitioners will use an herbal formula called “Eight Ingredient Powder to Correct Urinary Disturbances” or Ba Zheng San, in Chinese to detoxify the kidney.

For severe UTI cases, TCM treatment may require the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. One important acupoint known as “Middle Summit” or Ren 3 point is inserted with a needle.

The Ren 3 is a point situated over the bladder. Another acupoint, the “Yin Tomb Spring” or Spleen 9 acupoint is also treated, The Spleen 9 is found inside the tibia bone, just below the knee. Inserting a needle into the two aforementioned points can help clear the damp heat and remove the stagnation.

Besides these TCM treatments, the acupuncturist/TCM practitioner in Orlando will advise the patient to make lifestyle changes by practicing safe sex and to regulate or temper his/her sex life.

To conclude, regardless of the plan of treatment you choose, whether it is TCM or Western medicine, does not matter. The important point is that is order to cure UTI completely the underlying cause of the problem must be addressed and not just the symptoms.