People who are suffering from panic and anxiety attacks have probably tried every kind of treatment outside of psychotropic medication to get rid of their condition. If you have this disorder, you are just one among the millions suffering from severe anxiety who are hell-bent in finding a solution.

A lot of people suffering from anxiety disorders have now discovered that acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine can be very good modalities that can help cure their problem. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncturists think that strong emotions such as depression or anxiety is basically caused or aggravated by stress. These emotions affect the normal circulation of vital energy or qi in the body.

Based on the tenets of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), anxiety obstructs the healthy smooth flow of energy throughout the body. This extreme emotion is believed be a cause of muscle pain in body regions such as the neck and back where energy is has stagnated because of the obstruction. There are functions of the body that can be affected by blocked energy and they can include the ability to get a good night’s sleep, blood pressure, and digestion, to mention just a few.

Believed to possess the ability to redirect or bring back the free flow of energy, acupuncture can restore the body to its ideal healthy balance.

But Can Anxiety Be Cured By Acupuncture?

With regards to acupuncture treatment, many tests have been done to determine its effectiveness in curing anxiety. It has been discovered that needle insertion on certain parts of the ear can help reduce anxiety symptoms. This type of acupuncture treatment is known as auriculotherapy, also called ear acupuncture or auricular acupuncture.

To see if ear acupuncture is truly effective in fighting anxiety, scientists from the Yale University School of Medicine conducted a test involving a group of patients who were scheduled for an upcoming surgery.

The scientists discovered that those patients who were given acupuncture manifested a reduction of their anxiety in relation to their upcoming surgery.

Western medicine doctors also think that acupuncture can resolve anxiety because of its ability to produce and release endorphins and other natural pain killing chemicals in the bloodstream.

Without the need for prescription drugs, acupuncture can help lower blood pressure and heart rate, and significantly boost the flow of blood in the body.

Auricular Acupuncture

Patients suffering from anxiety who will undergo acupuncture treatment the first time will likely receive ear acupuncture therapy. The needles may need to remain in the ear for a week to cure their anxiety permanently. This type of acupuncture may be followed up with total body acupuncture therapies for a number of sessions.

Acupuncture Therapy for Anxiety is Usually Complemented with Chinese Herbal Therapy

A qualified acupuncturist often is trained in Chinese herbal therapy. Herbal formulas may be given to severe anxiety patients for a few weeks to help them get back their healthy and natural physiological balance. Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists in Overland Park may also recommend certain herbs that will ideally respond to your specific problem.

Most people with severe anxiety who have tried acupuncture therapy got cured of their problems. Many of them now get regular acupuncture treatments to help them enjoy other extra health benefits.

If you have been suffering from anxiety or panic attacks, then you may want to consider the natural healing powers of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to help you get rid of these attacks once and for all.