Do you often suffer from a headache or migraine that suddenly goes away minutes after someone has pressed several areas of your hand? This kind of healing technique is called acupressure and has been around for millennia.

Acupressure works the same way as acupuncture in Cleveland the only difference is the way it is delivered. Acupressure makes of the pressure of another person’s hands that apply pressure into so-named acupuncture points or acupoints to relieve pain like headache and eliminate stress. On the other hand, instead of the hands, needle is used in acupuncture that’s inserted into an acupoint to stimulate the points which then boosts the circulation of blood throughout the body.

There is one new type of acupressure which you can perform on yourself without needing help from another person. This novel healing technique just uses a small mat known called the Nayoya acupuncture mat The Nayoya mat’s history is so much similar to the ancient therapies of acupressure, reflexology, acupuncture, and deep tissue massage to help eliminate stress from the body.

The factor that underlies these healing methods is called Chi by the Chinese Chi which is the vital energy in the body. Based on these principles, stress and illness which have adverse effects on a person’s moods and his body develop when the flow of Chi is blocked. By applying pressure to select acupoints along a back, hands, feet and other body areas of a person, the flow of chi is released and channeled to certain areas of the body which triggers the healing process.